G-NiiB Oral Microbiome Immunity Formula SIM01 Alleviates Post-Novel Virus Conditions Clinical Study Published in the Prestigious International Medical Journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases


(Hong Kong - December 8, 2023) Hong Kong’s leading biomedical and microbiome technology company, G-NiiB GenieBiome, is pleased to announce that a ground-breaking large-scale randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial (“the Trial”) conducted on the efficacy of SIM01, an oral microbiome immunity formula developed by a top-notch medical school in Hong Kong, involving 463 patients who had contracted novel virus, has strongly proved that the consumption of SIM01, an oral microencapsulated live bacteria formula, could significantly improve the gut microbiota after six months and lead to remarkable alleviation of post-novel virus sequelae, encompassing a range of symptoms affecting different systems and organs. The findings of the Trial were published yesterday in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the most authoritative international medical journal in infectious diseases.

The Trial has robustly demonstrated the exceptional efficacy of SIM01 in alleviating post-novel virus conditions, sending a significant breakthrough and a sliver of hope for the 65 million individuals worldwide who have been profoundly impacted by the post-novel virus symptoms. It is widely acknowledged that post-novel virus symptoms exhibit substantial interindividual variability, complexity, and long-haul span, posing a dual challenge to the patient’s physiological and psychological well-being. Given the current lack of targeted and effective therapies, it has emerged as one of the most formidable health challenges in the aftermath of the novel virus pandemic. In its August 2021 publication, The Lancet mentioned that post-novel virus symptoms is the primary challenge of modern medicine.

G-NiiB GenieBiome’s flagship product, G-NiiB Immunity+, contains the oral microbiome immunity formula SIM01.

The oral microencapsulated live bacteria formula SIM01, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases this time, is the flagship product of G-NiiB GenieBiome. Multiple clinical studies have confirmed its effectiveness. This very study, known as the RECOVERY study, is the first global clinical research to testify that SIM01 can improve gut microbiota and effectively alleviate post-novel virus symptoms, including fatigue, memory loss, difficulty in concentration, gastrointestinal upset and general unwellness. The study results further highlight the interconnectedness of the “Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis,” illustrating how probiotic metabolites absorbed through the gut can contribute to improving brain function. This also underscores the potential of restoring healthy gut microbiota as a novel intervention and strategy for addressing post-novel virus neurological symptoms. The publication of these research findings in The Lancet Infectious Diseases signifies authoritative recognition of their scientific and pioneering property, as well as a strong affirmation of SIM01’s possibility to improve post-novel virus symptoms and enhance overall immune performance in patients.

Ms. Rachel Fan, CEO of G-NiiB GenieBiome, stated, “The publication of the Trial on G-NiiB’s microbiome immunity formula, SIM01, in the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, is undoubtedly a scientific feat and a significant milestone for G-NiiB GenieBiome. It represents a great recognition of the leadership, judgment, and expertise of our founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, showcasing our leading position and innovative capabilities in microbiome research. It also serves as a strong testimony of our professional competence and product quality, demonstrating that our core technology has received authoritative approbation from the international medical community. This is considerable progress and an outstanding achievement for a pioneering company to keep a foothold in the microbiome arena. We are immensely proud.”

Besides, “The practical significance of this study lies in proving the scientific efficacy and multiple feasibilities of SIM01, inaugurating new avenues for microbiome research and human health exploration. From a societal perspective, G-NiiB’s microbiome immunity formula, SIM01, presents the potential to offer a fresh choice for individuals suffering from post-novel virus symptoms while making seminal contributions to the fight against novel virus and other diseases. G-NiiB GenieBiome is committed to continuing its investment in innovative research and cutting-edge development, steadfastly striving to improve human health and tackle various health problem challenges.”

Utilising advanced metagenomic sequencing data, patented artificial intelligence, and microencapsulation technology, G-NiiB GenieBiome has introduced three patented oral microbiota formulations. They are SIM01, a microbiome precision immunity formula designed to enhance the immune system; SMT04, a microbiome precision gut protective formula to preserve intestinal health; and SIM03, a microbiome precision children immunity formula to develop diverse rainbow immunity. Clinical data from a renowned medical school in Hong Kong have supported these formulations. The team is currently researching to develop innovative formulations to treat and alleviate complex conditions such as liver problem and adult sensitive skin, aiming to meet the evolving needs of the health supplement market.

Ms. Rachel Fan further added, “Our core team members excel in their respective spheres. Our collective goal is to blaze innovative transformation in the field of human health through microbiome research. By leveraging the leap we made in microbiota research, the team strives to significantly improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, sequentially accelerating the transition into a new era of microbiota-centric medicine.”