As a leader in microbiome biotechnology, our team capitalizes on an exclusive Asian microbiome biobank to tackle a myriad of diseases including COVID-19, colorectal cancer, obesity, eczema, and autism.

The gut microbiota interact with our human cells to regulate many physiological processes, such as metabolism and immune response, dysbiosis may lead to Weakened Immunity . By G-NiiB testing and technologies, we aim at modulating human gut microbiome to boost our Immunity.


G-NiiB Immunity +

G-NiiB Immunity + is developed by a world renowned microbiome research centre of The Chinese University in Hong Kong. The unique formula is based on the world’s first study of the gut microbiome of patients with COVID-19 customised for Asian Chinese.

This Micobiome Immunity Formula make a great team to back our immunity through creating a balance of the beneficial and harmful bacteria in our gut and produce protective factors that can further enhance our gut health. Our Microbiome Immunity Formula consists of strain-specific probiotics that are important in the immune system in healthy human gut but found reduced in the patients with reduced immunity.

WORLD’S ONLY non-invasive colorectal cancer risk prediction test that detects non-advanced adenoma. Using big data analysis, metagenomics sequencing and the propriety algorithm by the Chinese University of Hong Kong to measure the level of M3 (discovered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong) and another 3 microbial markers plus haemoglobin in the stool detecting the risk of colorectal cancer as well as colorectal adenoma. 94% sensitivity in detecting colorectal cancer as robust as the invasive colonoscopy. The regular test can also monitor gut health from the hostile microbial environment that is favourable for the development of colorectal cancer.


G-NiiB is a microbiome research based company in Hong Kong. We are back by top-notched clinician scientists and scientific team who pioneers the discovery of the human gut microbiome for different diseases including colorectal cancer, obesity and metabolic diseases, as well as childhood diseases including eczema and autism. We develop precision food, next generation probiotics and precision medicine tailored for people in Asia. G-NiiB is the trademark of GenieBiome Ltd.
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