G-NiiB Immunity Plus contains precious live bacteria - B. adolescentis


Gut microbiota modulate our immunity and disease severity of COVID-19, as well as vaccine efficacy. The unique microbiome precision formula in G-Niib ‘Immunity Plus’, developed by the Faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU Medicine), contains the optimal ratio of 3+3 live beneficial bacteria. Its main ingredient ‘Bifidobacterium adolescentis’ is the most precious of live bacteria which aids antibody level regulation and enhances immunity.

In a collaborative research project between CU Medicine and the LKS Faculty of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong (HKUMed), the team presented evidence of a correlation between the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines from both Sinovac and BioNTech and a unique bacterium, B. adolescentis. People who lacked B. adolescentis in their gut had a suboptimal antibody response to Sinovac. Among BioNTech recipients, those who lacked two types of bacteria including B. adolescentis also had lower antibody response. These novel findings imply that B. adolescentis can serve as a potential therapeutic option to enhance efficacy of Sinovac and BioNTech.

The Omicron variant is rapidly spreading across the world. A recent joint study conducted by HKUMed and CU Medicine revealed that Omicron can significantly reduce the Pfizer BioNTech (BNT162b2) vaccine’s ability to neutralise the virus of by 32-fold, or more. This shows that vaccine alone may not be the most effective tool against a coronavirus since the immune response triggered by vaccines is affected by several factors such as our own immune system and present microbiota.

Another study by CUHK earlier confirmed that COVID-19 patients treated with G-NiiB immunity formula achieved complete resolution of symptoms compared with half in the control group by week two.  Blood levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines had significantly reduced in the microbiome immunity formula group, indicating that inflammation was under control. Eighty-eight per cent of patients in the microbiome immunity formula group developed neutralizing antibodies compared with 63% in the control group.

The gut microbiome controls our immunity and protects us against invasion of pathogens. Studies revealed that modulation of gut microbiota helps enhance safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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Our e-shop: https://shop.g-niib.com/products/g-niib-immunity-plus-28days

Delivery in Singapore: https://bit.ly/Lazada_SG_EN

Delivery in Malaysia: https://bit.ly/Lazada_MY_EN


The Uniqueness of G-NiiB Immunity+

  1. Researched and developed by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  2. Contains the 3+3 best ratio of live good bacteria and prebiotics
  3. Contains precious live bacterium #Bifidobacterium #adolescentis can help boost immunity
  4. Adopted patented #microencapsulation technology from Italy ensures sufficient good live bacteria reach your intestine to deliver therapeutic actions and a long shelf-life.